Monday, July 15, 2013

Gold Cup-winning driver Kip Brown nets points haul on Detroit River

Kip Brown took home 1,627 markers toward the High Points championship with his victory in the Gold Cup final on the Detroit River on Sunday.
The driver of the U-95 Spirit of Qatar did not score a point in qualifying, but capped his weekend by winning boat racing's most prestigious trophy.
Other drivers and their weekend points totals:
Steve David, U-1, 1,421 points.
Jon Zimmerman, U-9, 1,389.
Tom Thompson, U-11, 1,315.
Jimmy Shane, U-5, 1,299.
Mike Webster, U-22, 1,068.
J. Michael Kelly, U-37, 1,054.
Greg Hopp, U-14, 843.
N. Mark Evans, U-57, 698.
Ryan Mallow, U-100, 0.

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