Friday, August 15, 2014

NASCAR updates rules regarding what drivers & crew may do after on-track incidents

NASCAR announced Friday updated rules that are to be followed by drivers and other team members when an on-track incident such as an accident occurs.
The action was in response, NASCAR president of competition and racing development Robin Pemberton said, by the death last Saturday night of sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr., who was struck by the car driven by Tony Stewart after Ward left his vehicle following an incident at Canandaigua Motorsports Park, a New York dirt track.
When a race car is involved in an incident, Pemberton said, and the car is stopped on or near the racing surface, and unless emergency conditions (such as fire in the cockpit) exist, the driver must:
-- Shut off electrical power and lower window net if possible;
-- Not loosen or remove safety equipment until directed by safety personnel;
-- After exiting the vehicle, proceed to the ambulance or other safety vehicle.
At no time, Pemberton said, should the driver or other crew member approach the racing surface or apron, nor should a driver or crew member approach another moving vehicle.
All vehicles not involved in the incident that are able should slow to a cautious speed and use extreme care as they approach the incident scene, Pemberton added.

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