Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rochester Hills' Teddy Dudley stays involved in racing with U-7 Graham Trucking hydroplane

Teddy Dudley can’t kick the racing bug.
Cal Phipps, left, and Teddy Dudley
The Rochester Hills resident used to drive race boats, but moved out of that side of the sport when he started a family.
Now he’s responsible for the cockpit for the U-7 Graham Trucking unlimited hydroplane driven by Sterling Heights resident Cal Phipps.
“I keep Cal safe,” Dudley said. “And I do repair on the boat when we need it.”
Dudley started racing in 1985. He drove 5-liter, 7-liter and Grand Prix boats.
“Then when I started having kids, having a family, I had a lot of liabilities,” he said.
Dudley and his wife, Camilla, have four children.  Jada, Justin, Michael and D’Mario range in age from 12 years to 27.
Teddy Dudley owns a Rochester Hills construction business and a Detroit collision shop.
This weekend, he has left his businessman’s cards at home and taken on the persona of a racer and competitor.
The U-7 is among eight boats trying to win the DYC Detroit APBA Gold Cup on the Detroit River.
“We come to win,” Dudley said.

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