Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New York Yankees' Derek Jeter to be sidelined 4-5 months

Derek Jeter might not be ready for the start of 2013 spring training.
But the New York Yankees do not know for sure about their shortstop's recovery from a broken left ankle.
"There is no new information," Brian Cashman, the Yankees general manager, said Wednesday at Comerica Park.
"I believe that Dr. (Robert) Anderson just put in a more conservative time frame on it. So there's no new information. Nothing seen worse than what our team doctor saw."
The Yankees said Jeter will be sidelined four to five months.
Jeter, 38, broke his ankle during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series against the Tigers.
"My understanding," Cashman said, "is that it's possible he will be ready earlier than that time frame, but it is best to at least put out there four, five months as a safer bet."
Jeter is due to have surgery on the ankle Saturday. Anderson will perform the surgery.
Cashman said he expects Jeter to be ready to play at the end of the four-to-five-month time frame.

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